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Port-au-Prince – 3 Days Tour Package


Activity Information



Day 1

Authentic Haitian Event

  1. Tourist Arrival
  •  Local music and event activity


Enjoy a local key evening event on your first day in the country attending a music concert, a cultural event, or festival.

Festivity of haitian people


Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien(MUPANAH)

MUPANAH is the # 1 historical and cultural museum of haitian’s heritage. Featuring the heroes of the independence of Haiti and the Haitian history and culture and more.

View of P-a-P from L’Observatoire at Boutilliers (lunch)

From Boutilliers, especially from L’Observatoire which is a famous restaurant, you will have the most amazing and breathtaking view of Port au Prince and its surroundings all from up above.

Fort Jacques

Fort Jacques give visitors a stunning view on the entire bay of Port-au- Prince.

Musee du Pantheon National d'Haiti


Barbancourt Rum Distillery

Rhum Barbancourt Distillery offers insight into where the country’s most famous rum comes from.

Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre

Once a working sugar-cane plantation, Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre is an open-air museum where you can see what plantation life was like in 1803.

Iron Village Artisans (The artistic Noailles village)

See masters in the art of shaping iron in action.

Tour Bookhaiti - Parc historique de la canne a sucre