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Cap Haitien 5 Days Tour Package

Sans-Souci Palace, Haiti


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Day 1

Authentic Haitian Event

  1. Tourist Arrival – Petionville
  •  Local music and event activity


Enjoy a local key evening event on your first day in the country attending a music concert, a cultural event, or festival.

Festivity of haitian people


Moto Bike around the City

Moto around (and stop to take pictures and site see) The Boulevard – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption – Place d’Armes – Go to Casava factory – Heroes Monument of Vertières (visit the park where you can admire these beautiful statues representing a historic period of Haiti).

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption | Bookhaiti


Sans-Souci Palace

Wander amongst the majestic ruins of the Palace of Sans Souci stand amid verdant mountains in the north of Haiti.

Citadelle Laferrière

Go up (by foot, monkey or vehicle) to one of the largest fortresses in the Americas, once known as the crown jewel of Haiti’s national defense, the Citadelle Laferrière is definitely an experience like no other.

Citadel | Bookhaiti


Marquis Paradise

Tucked into the untouched northern beaches of “the Haitian Riviera,” Marquis Paradise is your escape from the ordinary destination. Both luxurious and wild, pristine and filled with possibilities, you’ve never experienced the Caribbean quite like this.


When visiting Labadie, a trip to Île-à-Rat is a must. Île-à-Rat offers  white sand surrounded by crystal clear water and a miniature forest. 

Ile a rat Bookhaiti


Habitation Rival & Fort Picolet

Fort Picolet is one of the gems of Cap Haïtien. Very interesting but lesser-known of all the historical monuments of the Haitian heritage.

Cormier Beach

Cormier Beach Resort is definitely a destination within a destination in beautiful Cap Haitien.

Cormier beach | Bookhaiti